The 24 Hour Theatre Project

By Music City Theatre Company (other events)

Sunday, January 26 2020 8:00 PM 9:30 PM

Join our writers - Lacie Carpenter, Robert Coles, Lori Fischer, Kurt Jarvis, Krista Knight, & Shawn Whitsell and our directors - Sam Kell, Andrea Kincaid, Curtis LeMoine, Seth Limbaugh, Jack Read, & Alyshia Wigant for an exhilarating theatrical experience!

IT ALL HAPPENS IN 24 HOURS! Writers will have 12 hours to write a 10-minute play. Actors and Directors will have 12 hours to audition, cast, rehearse, memorize, and present the 10-minute play in front of a live audience! 

Make sure not to miss out on this exciting theatrical experience!

Tickets are only $5! That's $5 for 6 plays! Awesome deal!

Be there!